Black entrepreneurs have had a wild year. The downs were catastrophic. The ups were optimistically unexpected. There were no tallies to account for a winners and losers. Between the shift in lifestyle and the abrupt adaptation to new protocol, black entrepreneurs have done what they do best – arise to the occasion, gratefully.

Many have been tested in ways that you never knew that were present.

Many were presented with new opportunities and elevations.

Many excelled and defined a new way of operation, even amongst a national pandemic.

Our goal in hosting the Annual Black Business Gala & Awards (BBP Gala & Awards) is to honor and pay homage to thriving, deserving individuals and businesses in our local entrepreNOIR community. Far too often we rely on the recognition of others to celebrate our own. This event is a yearly spotlight on those who may not get the recognition (EntrepreNOIR of the Year), those who have been master teachers of their crafts (Lifetime Achievement Award) and their esteemed colleagues who are proud to serve as notable black-owned businesses.

– The EntrepreNOIR Committee